Data Driven Trends Impacting Content Creation (53)


An industry panel unveils entertainment’s future with sustainable practices, live broadcast techniques, virtual production marvels, AI automation, and cutting-edge streaming insights. This dynamic research panel is shaped by the latest industry research and insights, ensuring a forward-looking discussion that showcases the most impactful and transformative technologies in the entertainment landscape. Join the experts as they shed light on how these trends are shaping the media and entertainment industry. Takeaways for this session: - Balance creativity & data - Discover the sweet spot between data-driven decisions and creative instincts to deliver the most compelling and innovative content - How can you capitalize on current trends to drive audience engagement? - Learn how consumer data informs evolving content formats - What is your optimum release schedule? - Learn how and when audiences engage with content to optimize release schedules Speakers: - Natasha Hritzuk, VP Global Consumer Insights - Cross Entertainment, Warner Brothers Discovery - Liz Huszarik, Insights & Strategy Maven, Maverix Insights & Strategy - Hilary Estey McLoughlin, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, NY27 Productions - Tricia Garret Melton, Chief Marketing Officer, Tricia Garret

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